Dan Maskell Tennis Trust
Serving Tennis to Disabled People

About Your Donation

Every donation goes directly to our grant programme.

Applicants apply as individuals, disability groups, special schools and venues where tennis is played such as clubs and local authority-run facilities.

There has been a significant increase in the request for tennis wheelchairs recently, the most expensive item we offer.  Prices for these chairs have already gone up and another rise is expected soon.

A bespoke wheelchair now costs over £3,000, a general-purpose wheelchair suitable for beginners to try tennis is nearly £700, a bag of tennis equipment £450, the maximum grant to a group is £1,500 for start-up funding and £500 to an individual to help with coaching and court hire. 

Please consider helping us by making a donation. Click the donate button at the top of this page to be directed to our website and various ways you can pay.

Matchpoint Quickie Chair

Remembering Dan Maskell

Combining the milestones of 30 years since he passed away and the 100th Anniversary of the Centre Court at Wimbledon, for which Dan is most remembered, we have created an opportunity for those who have memories of him or those that have benefitted from the Trust, to leave their tributes and messages.