Dan Maskell Tennis Trust
Serving Tennis to Disabled People

Grant Criteria & Application Notes

Please note there are two separate application forms, one for individual applicants and one for Group/Club/Project applications. Please ensure you complete the correct form.

Please note that the Trust supports people with all disabilities, (e.g. physical impairment, deaf, learning disability, visually impaired etc)

Please note that due to the demand for grant aid, the Trustees have imposed a 2-year moratorium on grants for the same purpose. Therefore, if you have applied during the past 2 years, please wait until 2 years has passed.  If you are applying for a different purpose, e.g. a coaching grant when you have previously received an equipment bag or a tennis wheelchair, you are eligible to apply.

If you are applying for a tennis wheelchair or wheelchairs:-

Individual applications

If you are playing wheelchair tennis you may apply for your own sports wheelchair. 

We have 4 types of chair currently available – two options of the Matchpoint Quickie aluminium tennis specific wheelchair – one a standard version suitable for the more-experienced player who may play competitively and the other a high-performance version for the more serious competitor. These are bespoke chairs. For these each applicant is required to raise a contribution of £1,750* for the high performance chair or £1,000* for the standard chair and the Trust will pay the difference. The next chair is a RGK Club Sport wheelchair suitable for those beginning to play and those who play more recreational and social tennis. For this each applicant is required to raise a contribution of £500*. Both the Matchpoint Quickie chairs and the RGK Club Sport the chairs are to a set specification and any additional features or changes to this specification required will be at the applicant’s cost. Each applicant will also be required to pay the cost of delivery unless collected from our supplier.

(N.B. The Trust may ask the applicant to be evaluated by our official supplier, EPC, before an offer of the type of chair is made. The specifications of chairs and the contribution required from applicants may change during the year).

The fourth type of chair is from ROMA Sport which is a grass roots chair available in junior and adult sizes, and if approved, can be ordered directly from them with the Trust paying the invoice.  A contribution of £250* is required for this chair and this includes delivery. .

If an applicant wishes to have an alternative chair to those mentioned above, a grant may be awarded and the applicant will be responsible for ordering and payment of the chair directly with the supplier.

*N.B the contribution amount may change between date of application and the Trustees meeting if the cost of chairs increases.

Group, club or project applications

You may apply for one or more tennis wheelchairs designed for general use at grass roots level.  The chair available for group applications is the ROMA grass roots tennis wheelchair for which the contribution required is £250* per chair, which includes delivery, and the Trust will offer a grant for the remaining cost. This chair is available in junior and adult sizes and successful applicants will have the choice of which size of chair they require.

(*subject to change see *above) 

If you are applying for equipment

Individual applications – items considered in this category would be tennis rackets for which a maximum grant of £100 per racket may be offered, strings, tape and gloves for wheelchair players. Items such as holdalls, clothing will not be considered. N. B. Sound balls are not supplied to individuals.

Group, club or project applications – A set package of equipment is available . This package will be ordered and paid for by the Trust and delivered direct to a specified address. Package will include; rackets, balls, mini nets, and coaching aids such as cones and throw down marker lines. This equipment is suitable for groups, clubs and disability programmes. (List of contents is available). Sound balls for visually impaired groups may also be applied for.

If you are applying for a grant

Individual applications – examples of items that will be considered include tennis rackets, coaching lessons with an LTA Licensed coach; course fees for official LTA  Development/Coaching courses.

Group, club or project applications: (For physical impairment, deaf, learning disability, visually impaired etc)

If you are starting a disability group, a club programme or a project or need help for an existing project or programme. Examples of items that will be considered under this scheme are help towards court hire, (e.g. for indoor provision) coaching fees, equipment (if not applying for an equipment package as above). All programmes and projects should aim towards self-financing and sustainability. 

Please give as much information as possible and specify what costs are associated with each item, e.g. if you are applying for help with indoor court fees, please specify how many sessions and the cost per hour per court. Likewise, if you are applying for coaching fees, please specify how many hours and at what cost.

Before applying for assistance, you are advised to consult The Lawn Tennis Association and/or your local County Tennis Association.


Maximum grant per application is £1,500 for a group, club or project and £500 for an individual. In all cases, Dan Maskell Tennis Trust will consider each application on merit. If alternative funding opportunities exist, the Trust will either suggest these or explore them on your behalf. Please give as much information as possible about your tennis activities. If you are successful in your application for a wheelchair or tennis equipment bag, you will be expected to keep this in good condition. Guidance on maintenance of wheelchairs will be provided.

For both individual and group applications – items considered as luxury items such as electronic equipment e.g. videos, clothing or individual transport costs will not be considered. Publicity, promotions, advertising, general administration and catering at tournaments and events are not within the criteria for grant aid.


All applicants must be UK citizens and resident in the UK. Applications will be considered by the Trustees of Dan Maskell Tennis Trust which meets 3/4 times a year. Applications should be received by the closing date specified.

The first meeting of 2022 will take place on 8th February 2022 and the closing date was 11th January.

The remaining meetings for 2022 are currently scheduled* as:-

  • 12th April – closing date for applications 15th March
  • 19th July – closing date for applications 21st June
  • 15th November – closing date for applications 18th October

(*subject to change)

Contact details

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust
c/o Sport Wins
PO Box 238
KT20 5WT
Tel: 01737 831707
Email: info@danmaskelltennistrust.org.uk

Remembering Dan Maskell

Combining the milestones of 30 years since he passed away and the 100th Anniversary of the Centre Court at Wimbledon, for which Dan is most remembered, we have created an opportunity for those who have memories of him or those that have benefitted from the Trust, to leave their tributes and messages.