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Andrew Penney’s Journey Back to Tennis

DMTT recently supported Andrew Penney’s “Journey Back to Tennis” with a grant towards a tennis wheelchair.

15 year old Andrew, a sport teenager keen on tennis and cricket was left using a wheelchair after forgetting how to walk due to amnesia triggered when he suffered extreme pain after a routine operation back in October 2018.

He was later diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, allodynia, with post-traumatic stress disorder from the trauma ‘wiping’ his memory of the last 14 years of his life, with his mother Linda explaining: ‘He was in such severe pain and was misunderstood which caused his mental health to deteriorate.’

Andrew has recently featured in the national press – you can read his full story here and his YouTube video is featured on DMTT’s YouTube Channel

Andrew is now playing wheelchair tennis and is a member of the LTA’s National Wheelchair Tennis Programme and all of us at DMTT wish him well for the future.

Remembering Dan Maskell

Combining the milestones of 30 years since he passed away and the 100th Anniversary of the Centre Court at Wimbledon, for which Dan is most remembered, we have created an opportunity for those who have memories of him or those that have benefitted from the Trust, to leave their tributes and messages.